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Pranav Paharia
Game Developer

I've been always passionate for games since childhood. I'm from the 90's era playing mario, contra, road fighter. Games have a been a very important part of my life. They gave me a sense of mental strength and reflex stimulation. After completing my engineering in IT and playing and winning Counter Strike competitively, I jumped onto techs that work behind games. It also gives me a glimpse of looking the other side of coin and believe me it was exhilarating. Game architecture paradigm becomes my bible to study and kept  implementing concepts and diving more in it. Met a lot of talented people on this embracing journey. Its been over 5 years. My love for games grew from a gamer to a game developer, using games as a expressive medium. Feel free to explore my website. 

Skill Set

I've worked on a variety of simulation project in the past. Be it Mobile, Web, PC or VR.Below are the ones acquired during my career journey.

My abilities are proliferated in a variety of genre. I've only mentioned the ones required for the technical aspect above. Apart from this I do Project Management, Story Boarding, Sound Effects Composition, etc. These skills I've acquired learning by working with multi disciplinary people in team. I don't limit myself to what I'm suppose to do, instead I observe and look for the things that are necessary and act on them.

Unreal Engine 4






Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

User Interfaces


Augmented Reality

Tool Programming

Rapid Prototyping

Animation Programming




My work portfolio consist of games for all platforms (Mobile, PC , VR, Web). There are professional projects and academics projects. I will be adding my personal projects and jam projects later. Yet feel free to contact me if you have any queries me on

Career Path

Unity Game Developer

Worked on MOBA Genre game. Created multiplayer game-play , AI and match making systems

Intern Game Developer

Built gameplay, animations, shaders in  Chotta Bheem Laddoo Runner mobile game.


Game Developer

Working on Educational VR content simulation, MMORPG game play system and game cinematic tools for trailers for clients

Unity Game Developer

Built gameplay & animation systems for multi-platform game systems. Optimization of art assets for ios, android and web.

Contract Work "Song of Swords"

Worked on User Interface, Narrative Story Level Design and Language Localization

Game Developer/ Project Manager

Made gameplay systems, technical design documents, team management for 2 in-house game projects

Unreal Engine Developer

As a sole developer, created 2D adventure game framework, content pipeline, tool-set for designers, writers and artist.

                           Senior Unreal Engine  Developer

Worked on multiplayer VR framework, game-play system,   task delegation to juniors, player mechanics and game packaging.


A glimpse of gaming memories across time...

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I would love to know your thoughts and answer your queries. Please fill the form and leave a message. It can be for work, play or just a Hi !


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