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CFA Interpolation Image Compression Algorithm

A demosaicing algorithm is a digital image process used to reconstruct a full color image from the incomplete color samples output from an image sensor overlaid with a color filter array (CFA). It is also known as CFA interpolation or color reconstruction.
Most modern digital cameras acquire images using a single image sensor overlaid with a CFA, so demosaicing is part of the processing pipeline required to render these images into a viewable format.
Many modern digital cameras can save images in a raw format allowing the user to demosaic it using software, rather than using the camera's built-in firmware. 

    I made this project in the final year of my Btech. This image compression algorithm  gives you edge over normal compression algorithms on the conditions where the picture has a low light environment and lack of clarity. The edges of the image can be seen with almost lossless like condition.

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