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Death of Detective: 2D Point n Click Adventure Game

In Death Of A Detective, an adventure game set in 1943 British India, you’d play a detective from the CB-CID investigating a murder in a small town near Madras. Players would interrogate characters, investigate crime scenes and evidence, interpret clues and build a hypothesis of the events that transpired. This game is under post production and will be released in Q4 2019. 

I've worked on the project as sole developer.  I've created the framework of this game with all the functionality under collaboration with Designer. The architecture is modular and ease to scale to create multiple chapters and levels. I've been responsible for following work:

  • Point and Click navigation in level and Mind palace.

  • Custom event trigger system specific to each level.

  • Content integration pipeline to integrate 100+ dialogue data sheets for each character.

  • Asset integration pipeline and tools needed for artist to add content to game .
  • Data driven game - play system which changes its behavior as per player discovering new clues and facts .

  • Inventory System to manipulate 150+ character and clue cards and their respective responses from data sheets.

  • Investigation system to interact with crime scene objects.

  • Interrogation system to interact with characters.

  • Save system to save each events in logs which can be seen later on.

  • Level camera cinematic effects and UI animations using Unreal tools.

                                    As its a private project I can't share all the details. Please send me mail for any queries you have.



Game Trailer

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