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Biology Educational VR Project for Kids

This is a Biology Education Simulation in Virtual Reality for Kids. Its made in Unreal Engine 4. Kids can view this simulation and understand the anatomy of cell and its functionality. Its a client specific project. And the distribution of this application is handled by client side only. 

This simulation is solely developed by me, Under collaboration with the client. I've been a integral part of pre production and production of this project. There will be more chapter coming up as per client requirements. Following features are there in the application:

  • Player Tour in the Cellular world.

  • Voice over of experts, describing the details about simulation which the player is watching 

  • A small model (replica) of concern object which let user see by himself how the objects looks in 3D.

  • Level populated with realistic models which resembles to actual look of the cellular organs.
  • A info-graphics  chart to describe the minute details of the objects.

  • Animation for DNA replication to describe details of the process.

  • Packaging of Project for Oculus Rift.

                                    This framework will be used to create other parts of the simulation as well. Its based on modular and scalable architecture. As its a private project I can't share all the details. Please send me mail for any queries you have.



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