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Lohodo: A Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler game

This game has a variety of AI and Player mechanics. Its only meant to be developed till pre-production stage. Its done for client on request basis. Simulation is built on Unity3D.

I've worked on the project as sole developer.  I've created the framework of this game with all the functionality under collaboration with Client. . I've been responsible for following work:

  • Player Movement, Range combat system, health regen and weapon damage.

  • Ally AI following, patrolling, Auto attack, Heal and Defensive behavior.

  • Enemy Boss Movement, Attack and group attack.

  • Enemy bounty drop system with random loot based on player level.
  • Enemy Random Spawn with Increased movement and damage behavior .

  • Data driven enemy AI which changes with change in time of the day.

  • Enviromental effects like daylight and ambient light changes with game time.

  • Player Information HUD.

  • Player Login and Matchmaking on server.

  • Sound System to implement sound effects, background music, UI button sounds, character movement sound etc.

                                    As its a private project I can't share all the details. Please send me mail for any queries you have.



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