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SALVATION UNIVERSE: Planetary and Space Exploration MMORPG

This game is in pre-production stage. Its a mix of space exploration, building and guild war game. You will explore planets to kill aliens, scavenge resources and hustle to be the best in your star system. Don't forget there are many star system to explore and dominate.

I've worked as a sole developer on this project. Following are the features being developed already. There are more under production

  • Mech warriors movement and combat replication.

  • Quest System with easy to add details for designers 

  • Types of weapons like Lasers and Missiles with Auto Target, Miss Attacks and Random Damage behavior.

  • Game level building for Planet terrain.
  • Spaceship movement and Auto Pilot mode and quest system.

  • Space ship combat system.

  • Enemy space ship movement and combat.

                                    This game is in the initial stage of production, lot of changes are to made still. Will keep you updated on my blog post. If you want any more details about the project, please mail me. 



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