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SASE: A Virtual Reality Training Simulation for Soldiers in Snow Avalanche prone areas

This is a serious game genre project made in Unreal Engine 4 for VR and PC. Its build to train soldiers about the snow test they need to perform in avalanche prone areas. Its a exclusively built for  DRDO India.

Game has Instructor and Trainee connected as clients. Each trainee has set of test to complete and his performs is captured and upon finishing generates a datasheet for the trainee.

             There are over 15 inventory items which have to be used strategically in each test case. Instructor sets the level and inventory items for each test scene.

Find ally buried in Snow

Find ally buried in Snow

Simulation only works on LAN. It uses a dedicated server to host the level. To make it scale-able we used lobby and game servers to host multiple instance of game server for respective levels.

      Most of the level building parts are modular  to allow rapid replication and customization based on the instructor need, hence avoiding unnecessary dependency issues

I've worked as a Senior Developer on the following features in creation of this training simulation framework.

  • Client connections with Lobby server. Hosting game server with designated map , user login and authentication, client connection to game server

  • 'Instructor' client mechanics movement, level event triggers like avalanche, trainee kick out, reload map. 

  • 'Trainee' client movement,  jump, health,  stamina stats replication

  • Voice chat implementation.

  • Real-time Question Answer system between Instructor and Trainee and saving answers for performance report generation.

  • Replay recording and Save system with custom timestamps.

  • Project packaging and source code maintenance.

  • Task scheduling and knowledge transfer to junior developers to work on the framework I created.

                                    This framework is also used to create demos for other training simulation as well for other clients. As its a private project I can't share all the details. Please send me mail for any queries you have.



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