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Song of Swords

A never-seen-before design, with an unique drag-and-drop gameplay. Follow our heroes on their quest to save the realm with 24 epic levels. LEVEL-UP your heroes, find new ARMORS, WEAPONS, and unlock devastating SUPER POWER. Game is built on Cocos2Dx.

I've worked on the project as junior developer. I've been responsible for following work:

  • Worked on Art Book implementation with a sequence of unlock as you progress in game.

  • User Interface customization and localization of text, art assets.

  • Direction and sound design for the promo trailer of the game.

  • Implemented sound design in game using CocosDension.
  • Also worked on porting the game to iOS. i.e Checking the screen resolution, alignment of textures in place. 

  • Data driven enemy AI which changes with change in time of the day.

  • Enviromental effects like daylight and ambient light changes with game time.

  • I did content writing for the game on its website , including layouts , flash animation using CMS Tools like Wordpress. Collaborating with artist to make banners, clip arts of the game.

                                     Please send me mail for any queries you have.



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