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You Are A CEO: Estate Simulation Game

YAAC is a Real Life Simulation where the player plays a role of CEO heading different departments and managing them. You can share your progress with your friends. Its a point and click interactive RPG. In this simulation player gets a estate where you can keep the buildings you have unlocked like Spa, Zoo, Movie Theatre. And also you can view your friends estate. My responsibility was to built  estate framework. Simulation is built on Unity3D.

I've worked on the project as sole developer.  I've created the framework of this game with all the functionality under collaboration with Client. I've been responsible for following work:

  • Drag n Drop Building mechanics, Grid system enabled placing, Building Collisions .

  • 2D Isometric Level Design and Camera movement, pan , zoom. Also leveraging the use of Unity 2D framework.

  • Dynamics Loading of Level based on data fetched from server. Parsing data and posting the data back to server.

  • Loading game events based on Users data from server. Unlocking events based on player level.
  • Device dependent code for Android, IOS and Web platform and in app purchases module.

  • Mentoring juniors about the framework usage.

                                     This game is a part of website project.                                               




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